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Technical points for application of highway bridge cement concrete admixture

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Technical points for application of highway bridge cement concrete admixture

   It can better guide the construction of the project. The construction period of highway bridges is generally high, the quality control requirements are relatively high, and the total investment of the project is very large. In order to avoid quality problems and ensure that the project meets the requirements for use, the construction unit needs to strictly control the quality of the raw materials during the construction phase, so it is necessary to use the admixture reasonably.

    Improve the quality of highway bridge engineering. If the construction of cement concrete structure is not fully paid attention to the admixture technology, it will inevitably lead to the decline of structural performance, which has a serious impact on the quality of highway bridge parts. As the engineering-led technicians and construction personnel, they should constantly innovate, master the key technical requirements, and combine the actual conditions of the project to apply the admixtures, so that comprehensive performance can be achieved.The improvement of the quality of the process lays a solid foundation.

    Extend the service life of highway bridges. In the construction stage of construction, ignoring the application and management of admixtures, the comprehensive performance of cement concrete can not be improved, and serious structural problems will occur, and the service life will be reduced. Normal driving has a very bad effect. In order to eliminate these existing problems, the technical personnel and construction personnel of the construction unit need to strengthen the study, and combine the actual needs of the project to rationally apply the admixture technology, which can improve the quality of the project and prolong the service life.

Water reducing agent

This is a relatively common admixture material. Adding a water reducing agent to the cement concrete material can greatly improve the structural performance, meet the needs of liquidity, and play its due role. Most of the water reducing agent is used in the structure of reinforced concrete and plain concrete.

Air entraining agent

The main function of the air entraining agent is to improve the workability index of the material, to eliminate the existence of the drowning problem to the greatest extent, so as to avoid the problem of segregation, and at the same time, the material has strong durability and freeze-thaw resistance, generally They are used in concrete materials with severe drowning, and high-strength concrete is also used.


The main function of the retarder is to effectively prolong the setting time, so that the concrete material has higher plasticity and strength index, and better improve the comprehensive performance of the project. In the construction, it is necessary to fully mix the work, reasonably determine the mix ratio parameters, and fully mix the various materials to ensure that they can exert the application effect.

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