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New raw material for cement grinding aid DEIPA

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In the grinding process of cement materials, adding a small amount of external substances (gas, liquid or solid substances), can significantly improve the grinding efficiency or reduce energy consumption, and does not damage the performance of the cement of this chemical additive external substances known as: cement grinding aid.


Cement grinding aid is a kind of chemical additive which can improve the grinding effect and performance of cement.

  • The cement grinding aid can greatly reduce the electrostatic adsorption of the pellets formed in the process of grinding and reduce the tendency of re-coalescence of ultrafine particles formed in the process of grinding.

  • The cement grinding aid can also significantly improve the cement fluidity, improve the grinding effect of the mill and the powder selection efficiency of the separator, so as to reduce the grinding energy consumption.

  • The cement produced by grinding AIDS has a lower tendency of compaction and coalescence, which is beneficial to the loading and unloading of cement and can reduce the wall hanging phenomenon of cement storage. As a kind of chemical activator, grinding aid can improve cement particle distribution and stimulate hydration power, so as to improve cement early strength and late strength.

Commonly used liquid grinding agent before the main raw material for three isopropanolamine, triethanolamine and now have three can replace triethanolamine and isopropyl alcohol amine new grinding agent of raw materials, Chinese name is two ethanol isopropanolamine, English name Diethanolisopropanolamine, often abbreviated DEIPA.

As a new kind of green and environment-friendly raw material for grinding aid, the product has excellent grinding aid effect.

Diethanol monoisopropanolamine has good compatibility with triethanolamine, triethanolamine and other alcohols, amines and lipids. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other substances when making grinding AIDS. According to the characteristics of different cement materials, with monoisopropanolamine as the core raw material and targeted compatibility, the early and late strength of cement can be significantly improved. The grinding aid can improve the strength of cement for 28 days while improving the strength of cement for 3 days.

In practical use, the early strength can be higher than triethanolamine under the condition of strong adaptability, but generally, the early strength is slightly lower than triethanolamine.
There is no doubt that the late strength can be greatly increased, generally higher than triisopropanolamine.

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