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Concrete admixtures

The articles shown below are all about the Concrete admixtures, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the Concrete admixtures. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these Concrete admixtures articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • Concrete Admixtures Factory derictly Supplier
    We produce and supply whole world best product of concrete admixtures and cement grinding aids
  • Concrete admixtures Polycarboxylate superplasticizer
    Concrete admixtures, it refers to the material added to improve concrete performance before or during the mixing of mixed concrete. The amount of concrete admixture is generally not more than 5% of the cement quality.
  • New raw material for cement grinding aid DEIPA
    In the grinding process of cement materials, adding a small amount of external substances (gas, liquid or solid substances), can significantly improve the grinding efficiency or reduce energy consumption, and does not damage the performance of the cement of this chemical additive external substances
  • Micro Silica Fume Be Used In Cement Concrete
    Micro silica fume, also known as silica fume, has very fine particles. Under the microscope, it is glass sphere, amorphous and has excellent physical and chemical properties.Micro silica fume mixed into concrete can be fully dispersed and filled between the voids of cement particles, making the slurry more dense and greatly improving the strength of concrete.
  • HPEG is different from TPEG
    TPEG called Methylallyl polyoxyethylene ether also known as modified polyether.Product stucture molecular formula:CH2=CH(CH3)CH2CH2O(CH2CH2O)m(CH2CH3CHO)nHHPEG: allyl polyoxyethylene etherProduct stucture molecular formula:CH2=CH(CH3) (OCH2CH2)n OHBoth can be called modified polyethers,polycarblic a
  • About the Polyether Monomer VPEG,HPEG
    Polyether Monomer VPEG ,the specialist name is Methyl Allyl Polyethenoxy Ether.It is the raw material to synthetic high performance water reducer polycarboxylate superplasticizer,it apperance is white to yellowish flake under the 25℃ .
  • Classification of concrete admixtures and its principle of action
    Due to the extensive use of industrial by-products and waste materials in the cement production process, the adaptability of admixtures has become increasingly prominent. This requires the development of different types of admixtures for different gelling materials. For example, polycarboxylic acid admixtures, according to market demand, will develop varieties that meet various requirements by changing the branching method, and facilitate engineering use and quality control. Admixtures for the development of high-strength, anti-aging At present, the strength of concrete is continuously increasing, and admixtures play a significant role in improving the performance of concrete. In the future, it is necessary to continuously develop admixtures for high-strength ultra-high-strength concrete.
  • Classification and application of concrete admixtures
    Concrete admixtures are called admixtures. In the process of disposing and mixing concrete, it is necessary to add some products according to the city design requirements and test results to enhance or change the performance of concrete. This part of the added substances is called admixture, plus The use of the agent should be strictly controlled, and the total amount required should be 5% by weight of the regional cement. Admixture quality, type selection, dosage and ratio have a significant impact on the quality and performance of concrete. In the actual construction process, concrete processing, addition and use of admixtures should be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant standards set by the State.
  • Adaptability of superplasticizer concrete admixture
    For all kinds of concrete admixtures, the role of the precipitant is mainly to reduce water consumption, increase the density and elasticity of the concrete, and make the concrete durable. The air entraining agent can improve the solubility of the concrete, and reduce the internal crack of the concrete by improving the internal structure of the concrete, so that the concrete can improve its antifreeze and impermeability. For concrete with higher frost resistance requirements, it is possible to properly perform bleed air or a mixture of precipitation additives. For concrete with higher impermeability requirements, the density of concrete must be increased by high-performance precipitants. At the same time, the air entraining additive is used to reduce the occurrence of water seepage and improve the impermeability of the building structure.
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