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Use of fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether in pesticides

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Use of fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether in pesticides

Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether is a typical representative of nonionic surfactants. It has many varieties, low price, good surface properties, such as good wettability and emulsifying properties, can resist hard water, and can be used for low temperature. Washing, easy to biodegrade, is widely used in different fields such as pesticides, medicine, printing and dyeing, coatings, petroleum, cosmetics. AEO (fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether) has excellent biodegradability and low temperature performance; it is not suitable for washing synthetic fiber, it is suitable for washing powder and liquid detergent formula; low. According to foreign forecasts, the amount of AEO (fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether) will continue to grow and may become the dominant in household detergents.

AEO (fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether) in the textile industry Whether the textile industry processes natural or synthetic fibers, such as spinning, spinning, sizing, knitting, refining, dyeing, printing and finishing, A variety of auxiliary chemicals are used to improve work efficiency, simplify the process, improve printing and quality, and impart beneficial application properties to the fabric. The main component of such an auxiliary agent is a surfactant or a compound thereof. Therefore, surfactants are widely used in the textile industry.

AEO (fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether) as a dispersant Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether structure flat plus O is a commonly used nonionic dispersant, can disperse dyes during dyeing, prevent dye aggregation, and prevent a small amount of dye from being destroyed The accumulated oligomeric viscous material stains the fabric. It can also be used in certain almost insoluble dyes to disperse the particles, aid in particle comminution, and prevent re-agglomeration of the comminuted particles.

 AEO (fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether) as levelling agent Higher fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether is the main dye-type leveling agent, which can retard the speed of dye-dyed fiber in dyeing and make dye on fiber. It can be used as a leveling agent for direct, reactive, acidic and neutral dyes of various natural fibers or as a leveling agent for vat dyes, from dark to light to avoid unevenness and coloration. Agent, often use flat plus.

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